Online Volunteer Registration is NOW CLOSED! If you don’t sign up in advance but still want to help, you can walk-up and volunteer for the Festival on Saturday and Sunday and still be eligible to receive a free day pass to the Festival for one of those days upon each successfully-completed 4-hour shift.  Volunteer at the Dogwood Arts office, 123 West Jackson Avenue, starting at 4:30 pm on Saturday or starting at 12:30 pm on Sunday. We will hope to see you at Rhythm N’ Blooms this weekend!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of this music festival, and we would not be able to make this a success without your support! The Rhythm N’ Blooms volunteer program is a perfect opportunity to get involved within the community, meet new people, and listen to great music while enjoying a great volunteer experience. From welcoming fans and answering questions to supporting the venues and guest services, our volunteers are the key to one of Knoxville’s most anticipated events of the year.

What Makes a Great Rhythm N’ Blooms Volunteer?

Rhythm N’ Blooms seeks volunteers who are

  1. Committed to promoting a positive environment for Festival attendees.
  2. Passionate about people.
  3. Team players that staff and fellow volunteers can rely on.
  4. Enthusiastic about music.

As a volunteer, it is crucial to know your importance to the overall Festival success and to know you are being entrusted with the organization’s resources and facilities. We strive to cultivate lasting experiences that allow our volunteers to advance the Festival’s success, while also providing you with the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes activities of the Festival.

If you love listening to fantastic music, meeting new people, helping others and simply knowing that you are a part of making a difference in your community then volunteering with Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival is perfect for you!

Read more about the rules and policies of our volunteer program here: rhythmnbloomsfest.com/volunteer-rules-policy

What To Expect From Your Volunteer Experience

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General Info

Volunteer Benefits

For every four-hour shift you complete, you receive a free day pass. If you successfully complete 3 four-hour shifts, you are eligible to receive a free weekend pass.

You will receive a commemorative Rhythm N’ Blooms Volunteer Shirt.
**please note that volunteer shirts are limited. We cannot guarantee sizes or quantity of shirts for everyone.**

You can request a “volunteer buddy.” This system allows you to volunteer with your friends. We try our hardest to assign groups of 2,3 or 4 in order to accomplish your volunteer tasks as a team. When you sign up for your shifts, you are given the option to list your buddy (or buddies’) name(s).

There are many other benefits to being a part of the volunteer team that will be revealed after you sign up. We cannot wait to meet all of you and kick off this festival together!

Volunteer Exclusive Events

Let’s be real. We just love making excuses to throw a great party. Throughout the months leading up to Rhythm N’ Blooms and during the festival, we will have events exclusive to our amazing volunteers. We will be announcing our volunteer kick-off party very soon!
Once you sign up for your volunteer shift, you will start to receive emails about the upcoming events and how to get involved.

Volunteer Community

Whether this is your first year volunteering or you’ve been with the festival from the beginning, you are sure to meet new people and find friends through this process. This festival is for and about the city of Knoxville. We all have a passion of improving our community and enjoying our efforts together as a group. Need a ride to the festival? Have a question but can’t find a Rhythm N’ Blooms staff member? or maybe just the urge to share an amazing festival experience with one of your peers? That is why we have our volunteer community. Join our Facebook group and start getting to know your fellow volunteers. Find the group here: VOLUNTEER FACEBOOK GROUP

Volunteer Information and Training

We have all sorts of roles to fill and many requiring different skills and information. Don’t fear if you don’t have previous experience in these roles. We will supply you with the proper information to do your roll successfully. We are always available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to email volunteer@rhythmnbloomsfest.com with questions or concerns. We will also be emailing you closer to the festival with details on your role and on site training will be available.

Our volunteer program is supported by Fox & Fogarty