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Hi. Welcome the really cool Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival Privacy Policy page.

Here’s the sitch. We are working with your friends at Facebook and adroll to collect some info out there using cookies. I know what you’re thinking. How are some snicker doodles going to learn something about me. Not those kinds of cookies. It collects some basic info like IP address and, activity on our website, and cookie identifiers. We use this information for targeted advertising purposes. We pinky swear to not sell your info to 3rd party stuff or anything. Even though it sounds like a party, I mean the word party is there, we promise we won’t do it. Everything’s secure and legit. We cool. Everything’s cool. Like really cool guys. We aint stealin’ your stuffs. *chest bump*

If for some reason, you’re not cool with this, you can learn how to go off the grid right here:

Sound good? kthanksbye!