Mobile Food Vendor Terms & Conditions



The rent for each mobile unit’s space will be based on a 30% share of the food truck’s total revenue. Thirty percent of the vendor’s total revenue with documentation is payable at the end of the weekend.  Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance to participate in Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival. Space is limited for food trucks and will be selected by Dogwood Arts based on merit and variety of food trucks available. Dogwood Arts reserves the right to accept or deny participation at its discretion.


Standar Booth size:  10′ x 35′

No sales or service shall be made from the sides or rear of the allotted space.  Food Vendor understands that Dogwood Arts will assign spaces.


All Mobile Food Vending Units must provide a copy of City of Knoxville Mobile Food Vehicle permit along with their application.

To acquire a City of Knoxville mobile food permit, please download the  City of Knoxville Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program Permit Application , complete it and send it along with any additional required information to:

Patricia Robledo
400 Main Street, City & County Building #660B

Food Vendor shall be responsible for Food Vendor’s own security with respect to cash, equipment, goods or supplies during event hours. Overnight security will be provided within the event area during event dates, using officers from Knoxville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and/or private security firms. Dogwood Arts is not responsible for lost, stolen and/or damaged property due to any cause.

Food Vendor and employees must be suitably attired at all times. Food Vendor may provide T-shirts, aprons and/or caps to their staff to wear while working at booth as a promotional tool.

There will be no storage allowed outside the sales booth for any supplies, equipment or inventory, unless prior approval has been agreed to in writing by both parties. If refrigerated trucks are used, FOOD VENDOR must provide them.

Electricity – Power for Food Vendors must be purchased through Dogwood Arts. No outside generators will be permitted. Information on power requests and pricing can be found on the application.

Site Inspection – Food Vendor is responsible for returning the vending site to its original physical condition immediately after the event ends.  Failure to do so will result in actual charges to repair or correct the situation. Improper disposal of waste materials (for examples, disposing of oil in a storm drain) will subject Food Vendor to penalties to the extent of the law, in addition to penalties applicable under this Agreement. Food Vendor must obtain a site release form authorized by Dogwood Arts prior to leaving on Sunday. No tear down is permitted prior to show close.


We would like to have a diverse array of interesting food items available, at reasonable prices. We encourage you to be creative in your menu offerings. Food vendors should also supply all beverages, and are not permitted to offer alcoholic beverages of any kind. All other bulk and bottled offerings are permitted. Food Vendor shall sell only the items submitted on vendor application and in the serving sizes indicated, at the listed retail prices (including all applicable sales taxes, the payment of which is the obligation of the Food Vendor). All food & beverage pricing should not be set below $2.00, or above $10.00; excluding combos or family pack options. In addition, food vendor shall remain open for all hours of the festival, and will be properly stocked and staffed to accommodate the show hours. Food Vendor agrees to provide Dogwood Arts with a preliminary list of food items and pricing, including all beverages. Food Vendor agrees to hold pricing in line with other vendors, and Dogwood Arts will inform any vendor if pricing or items are not acceptable or are outside the pricing margins.

 *It is understood that some menu items may change by the day and availability of the items. Dogwood Arts will be flexible to these conditions in an effort to provide the selection and quality reflective of the festival’s goals.

Food Vendors booth must be fully staffed and open for sales and prepared to serve customers during the events open hours, regardless of weather conditions. If Food Vendor closes early for any reason, Food Vendor may, at the sole discretion of the Executive Director of Dogwood Arts, be precluded from participation for the remainder of the 2018 Dogwood Arts events.


Vendor will be notified of assigned move-in and move-out times two weeks prior to the event. Food Vendor acknowledges that the timing and placement are non-negotiable and are planned in accordance to City Regulations and downtown logistics. Food Vendors are required to load-in on Friday and load-out on Sunday. Food Vendors must remain in assigned space until Sunday evening, and a load-out schedule will be provided and must be followed.

Restocking– Food Vendors shall unload all supplies, equipment, or inventory and remove all motor vehicles from festival site one hour prior to the opening time. No vehicle access will be available on closed roads. Include any parking you will need during Rhythm N’ Blooms. We cannot guarantee parking for service or staff.


Food Vendor shall comply with all legal requirements established for Mobile Food Vendor operations as put forth by the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the health department, the Knoxville Fire Marshall and the State of Tennessee. Dogwood Arts bears no responsibility for or liability for non-compliance. Food Vendor shall keep the booth area completely clean and remove all garbage to designated receptacles, both during hours of operation and at the conclusion of the event. No dumping of food/cooking residuals and/or byproducts is acceptable under any circumstances. If Food Vendor brings it on-site or creates it on-site, they must take it with them or dispose of it in approved refuse receptacles. Food Vendor will be subject to daily health inspections by Dogwood Arts staff and government officials. Failure to pass inspection of food booth areas will result in immediate closure of booth.

Liability – Food Vendor shall indemnify and hold Dogwood Arts and agents harmless from any claim or cause of action arising out of or in connection with the acts or omissions of Food Vendor under this Agreement, and shall reimburse Dogwood Arts for any costs, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in defense against any such claim in addition to any other remedy available to Dogwood Arts.

Resolution of Disputes – In the event of a dispute arising in any manner as a result of, or in any way related to, this Agreement, the parties hereto agree to submit the same to mediation and/or arbitration as a prerequisite to legal action. In the event arbitration or legal action is commenced, the prevailing party SHALL be rewarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs including arbitration fees incurred as a result of said dispute.

Violations – Food Vendor acknowledges that a breach of any of the terms of this Agreement may result in the termination of this Agreement and the preclusion of the Food Vendor’s participation from Dogwood Arts without refund of security/damage deposit or Participation Fee.

Governing Laws – This Agreement shall be covered by the laws of the State of Tennessee, and the health, sanitation and fire regulations of the City of Knoxville.

Cancellation – Food Vendor understands and agrees that in the event Food Vendor cancels on or after March 30, 2019 or fails to provide the required materials as stipulated in this Agreement, Food Vendor without limitation on any other remedy available to Dogwood Arts will forfeit any Participation Fee or security/damage deposit paid to Dogwood Arts as liquidated damages.


Dogwood Arts takes a very proactive and committed stance pertaining to environmentally sound practices. The purpose of this program is to utilize recycled materials whenever possible, and to minimize the amount of non-recyclable waste generated by the event. FOOD VENDOR agrees to participate in this program, which has the following requirements:

Serving Equipment – Food Vendor agrees that all food will be served on recyclable paper ware and with recyclable plastic utensils if possible.

Cardboard Recycling – Food Vendor agrees to flatten and segregate cardboard boxes from FOOD VENDOR’s trash and place them in the designated cardboard receptacles provided by City.

Packaging Materials – Food Vendor agrees to purchase supplies that utilize cardboard only packaging, e.g. purchase corn in crates made from recyclable cardboard instead of crates made from non-recyclable wood or metal.

Recycling Signage – Dogwood Arts takes responsibility for placement of separate trash containers for recycling the paper and plastic products.

Consequential Damages – Food Vendor agrees to reimburse Dogwood Arts for any cleanup costs resulting from lack of proper sanitation and disposal procedures.

Wastewater – Wastewater barrels will be provided by City and are available adjacent to Food Vendor’s area for disposal of wastewater. Do not dispose of wastewater on the street, on the grounds, or in the storm drains. Please make provisions to mop up any standing water immediately.

Water – A potable water supply will be made available by Dogwood Arts at designated locations within the Rhythm N’ Blooms sites. Food Vendor is responsible for transporting water to booth.

Trash – Food Vendor must keep Food Vendor’s areas free of trash, litter, wastewater and all other unsanitary items. FOOD VENDOR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING FOOD VENDOR’S AREA CLEAN AT ALL TIMES.