Mobile Food Truck Application 2019

Application for 2019 Food Truck Vendors is now open. Food Truck applications are due by March 1st. 2019.

IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to complete the entire application below once you get started.  Once a form is started it must be completed.  You will not be able to save and return to this form and you will not be able to make any changes to your information once you hit the “submit” button, so please scroll through and be sure that you have all of the requested information available.  Do not hit the “submit” button until you have scrolled to the bottom of the page and completed the entire form.  (*) indicates required fields.

Please read our terms and conditions for food trucks before applying: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

2019 Food Truck Application

This form is required to participate as a food vendor at Rhythm N' Blooms 2019.
  • i.e. Doug's Popcorn, LLC. or Meat-tornadeo, LLC.

  • Please enter your name exactly as you would like it to appear in print or online

    please note e-mail will be our primary method of correspondence and all correspondence will be sent to the Primary Contact email that you list below.

  • Mobile units include self-contained trailers or food trucks that will serve as your sales booth. If you are applying to operate a mobile unit, please list full tongue-to-tail dimensions here.
  • All Mobile Food Vending Units must provide a City of Knoxville Mobile Food Vehicle permit to be eligible to participate.
  • Need a City of Knoxville Food Vendor Permit? To obtain this permit, please complete the City of Knoxville Mobile Food Vendor Application and submit to Patricia Robledo [].
  • How would you describe your PRIMARY food offerings/style of cuisine? We understand that you may serve other items but please choose the category that best describes your operation. You may provide additional information in the space below.
  • Food Truck/Booth Description and Experience

  • Please Describe the appearance of your set-up (booth layout, equipment, signage)
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Please upload at least one photo (in jpg or png format) that clearly shows your signage and booth set up from the front. and at least one photo that features the product/s you are applying to sell. PLEASE LIMIT FILE SIZES TO UNDER 1MB!
  • This should be a SHORT name for your booth, for instance, as it should appear in a list of onsite businesses in the program, press releases, online, etc.
  • Short Description (1 or 2 sentences max) of your products or company, which may be used in the program or website.
  • Please indicate the type of booth you are operating at this location--Food Truck (drives in under its own power), or Trailer (must be towed in by another vehicle)--and which side the service window is on.

    Be sure you order enough power to cover all of the electrical equipment listed above including lights and any vehicles or trailers that require power. For instance, if the total draw of your 110V equipment is 38 Amps then you will need to order (2) 110V/20A lines (40 Amps total) to cover your needs. To convert watts to amps divide the number of watts by the volts. For instance an 1100 watt/110 volt device would use 10 amps of power (1100 watts / 110 volts = 10 amps)
  • Is there anything we need to know about your power request?
  • Please fill in your total power costs for this booth using the information above
  • Working vehicles/trailers

  • Please list any working vehicles you might need on site and will need to park near the festival site.
    By checking I agree, the undersigned mobile food vendor(s) agrees to set forth Terms and Conditions, along with any approaching guidelines.