The Historic Old City


At the intersection of Central and Jackson Avenues, Knoxville’s creative and independent cultures collide to create a vibrant and alternative downtown experience.

Home to some of East Tennessee’s most famous night time hotspots and daytimes most authentic restaurants, coffee houses and art galleries…Knoxville’s Old City is a unique alternative for downtown visitors.

History lives here. Knoxville’s Old City is home to East Tennessee’s architectural past with structures as aesthetically inspiring as they are culturally critical.

During the day, Knoxville’s burgeoning “Creative Corridor” is thriving with graphic designers, website developers, art galleries and advertising agencies. East Tennessee’s most awarded coffee houses stand alongside world renowned photographers, filmmakers and architects. Only here will you find Knoxville’s most authentic Irish and Scottish Pubs, the best pizza in town and a Chicago style deli that serves the fanciest flat-dogs south of the windy city.

And at night, the Old City transforms into Knoxville’s undisputed center of East Tennessee’s independent music scene. With live music nightly and dance clubs ranging from tame to transformative, locals and visitors flood the Old City to light up the night.

Come take a walk through East Tennessee’s history and discover Knoxville’s Independent Alternative.

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