Here are a few helpful tips for you when you are serving beverages to our guests. Please keep in mind that serving alcohol is a privilege provided by Rhythm N’ Blooms to our guests, but it also represents a significant potential liability. We want all of our guests to enjoy the Festival in a fun and safe environment and consume all alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. 

Age Calculator – 

Friday – Birthday on May 17, 1998 or prior

Saturday – Birthday on May 18, 1998 or prior

Sunday – Birthday on May 19, 1998 or prior


•Check all ID’s and provide a wrist band 

•The wrist band must be put on in your presence 

•Acceptable written evidence of age and identity may be found in documents issued by federal, state, county or
city government. 

•Look at the ID first then look at the photo. Does it match up to the customer? 

•Do not provide a wristband or serve someone who appears under the influence 

•If you have a question about an ID, you can hold it and request for KPD to determine if the ID is valid
Tennessee Dram Shop Law’s makes YOU, the server, liable if you knowingly serve someone under the age of 21 or if you sell an alcoholic beverage or beer to an obviously intoxicated person.

•Make sure everyone you serve is wearing a wristband that their ID has been checked and they are of age. 

•All drinks must be purchased with cash, card, or token. No free beer! 

•If a customer appears intoxicated, engage them in conversation, and if necessary direct him/her to a nearby
food truck or restaurant for food or provide a complimentary bottle of water. 

•If a guest insists on being served and you’re uncomfortable doing so, enlist the help of the KPD officer that is
assigned to that location and advise the officer that you do not feel comfortable serving the guest. 

•The safety of our guests and volunteers is our primary responsibility. Do not overserve. Purchase of beverages
is a privilege we offer, and we reserve the right not to serve guests if we believe it is in their best interest. 

•All tips go to Rhythm N’ Blooms. There will be tip jars at each service location. Only authorized Rhythm N’
Blooms staff may remove money from a beverage service location. 

•Clean Kanteens are $10 w/ no beverage. Must purchase beverage separately. $1 discount w/ cup. Any year
RnB cup is eligible for discount. 

•After 10 pm, can only serve 1 drink per customer at a time.

•Volunteers are eligible for a discount, but must be wearing the volunteer wristband (and can’t be on shift).

Proper Photo ID’s may include: 

Photo driver’s license State ID Card Military ID Resident Green Card Photo Passport 

Unacceptable forms of ID include: 

School ID Employee ID
Traffic Ticket Official Looking Cards     

** Remember, all volunteers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during their volunteer shift time.