Ambassador Rules & Policies

We are excited for you to join our ambassador program. We wanted to share a few things to ensure you have a wonderful Rhythm N’ Blooms experience this year.

We created this program exclusively for you to share events and rewards with people you know – not those you don’t. We don’t want you to lose your rewards or have your account suspended, so please follow these guidelines carefully.


Discuss that you’re selling tickets or earning rewards in public channels such as…

Impersonate official accounts for the event or its partners.

This includes creating fake social media profiles, pages or websites.

Please note that our ticket policies and volunteer rules and policies apply to our ambassador program as well.

Please note that Rhythm N’ Blooms reserves the right to suspend or remove any user for violations of these rules. Rhythm N’ Blooms also reserves the right to alter, change or update these rules at any time.