Ride The Trolley to Rhythm N’ Blooms

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

We are partnering with The Knoxville Area Transit Services to bring the free Green Line Trolley to Rhythm N’ Blooms!

The Green line has been modified to run by all downtown garages and has 2 stops on both side of the intersection at Jackson Avenue and Central Ave. The KAT Trolley runs every 10 minutes. We have two stops right on Central and Jackson and will take you throughout downtown knoxville to available parking lots and garages. The Trolley is the best way to navigate downtown Knoxville. be sure to download their app to find the nearest Trolley. See the map below to see where the green line will run and what garages are near the line.

Trolley Schedule

Friday – 8am – 11:15pm
Saturday – 8am – 11:15pm
Sunday – 9am – 10:00pm

Download the KATbus tracker here: https://www.katbus.com/271/Use-the-KATbus-Tracker-App


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